Lately, it has been a struggle for me to sit down, to be still, and to listen. Every once in awhile though, I create the space to rest and to tune my ear to voices outside of myself. One of the voices I listen to on a relatively regular basis is Shauna Niequist. I know, I know – that’s probably not who you were expecting me to say, but as a young man who is trying to live into the fullness of who God has created me to be, I’ve found that Shauna’s voice is a wise voice, a beautiful voice, and a voice that is infused with deep meaning. Most importantly, I have found that her voice grabs my attention and points me back to Jesus. She talks about the things that really matter.

One particular morning, I sat down at my desk and looked out over the park that sits kiddy corner across the street from my office. A light rain made my office feel especially cozy and warm.  I kicked my feet up on the window sill and let Ben Howard’s words weave their way into the fabric of the atmosphere. I looked at my desk and noticed Shauna Niequist’s book titled Savor. What I read that morning was exactly what I needed in that moment. And I have a hunch that you might need it too. Listen to Shauna, and let her point you towards Jesus, towards His Grace – a grace that might just change your life.

This is what I read:

“Grace isn’t about having a second chance; grace is having so many chances that you could use them through all eternity and never come up empty. It’s when you finally realize that the other shoe isn’t going to drop, ever. It’s the moment you feel as precious and handmade as every start, when you feel, finally, at home for the very first time.

Grace is when you finally stop keeping score and when you realize that God never was, that his game is a different one entirely. Grace is when the silence is so complete that you can hear your own heartbeat, and right with your ribs, God’s beating heart too.

I used to think that the ability to turn back time would be the greatest possible gift, so that I could undo all the things I wish I hadn’t done. But grace is an even better gift, because it allows me to do more than just erase; it allows me to become more than I was when I did those things. It’s forgiveness without forgetting, which is much sweeter than amnesia.”

I do my best to run away from my past. I try really hard to ignore my brokenness. I wish I would have done so many things differently.  But here’s the most incredible thing: Grace invites us to look at our past and to acknowledge our brokeness. Grace understands that we are tired, worn out, scared and scarred. And then Grace opens His arms, holds us close and says, “Come to me. Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soulds.” (Matthew 11:28&29).

Be still, be open, and let Grace hold you close.


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