Story Groups


  • 5-8 individual’s who desire to journey together as they explore their stories from postures of curiosity and kindness with the hope of experiencing redemption and freedom from unwanted sexual behavior.


  • A small group community walking together to explore the “why” of our sexual struggles. The invitation is to be curious about your story with the hope of cultivating kindness for your self and others as we journey towards redemption and sexual integrity.
  • We will reference Jay Stringer’s book Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way To Healing


  • Any space or place that allows for the confidentiality necessary to feel safe as we begin to explore our stories together. I am open to meeting in your home, your work, a place of worship or any other safe place that feels warm and welcoming to each member of the group.


  • An hour and a fifteen minutes each week/ 10 weeks total
  • Day and Time that works well for each member of the group


  • It wasn’t until I was invited to consider my own experience of unwanted sexual behavior from a posture of curiosity and kindness in the context of a caring community that I experienced lasting freedom from my struggle and healing and redemption from the wounds the kept me stuck in my addiction. This isn’t just another accountability group. This is an invitation to go on a journey together that will invite you to consider the story of your past, the truth of your present struggle and redemption and freedom in the future!

How (Much):

  • Corporate Group Rate: $200 per session/ $2000 total (10 week experience)
  • Individual Rate: 5 members = $40 per session/8 Members = $25 per session