The Power of Presence & a Genuinely Curious Heart

Early on Monday mornings the week starts in my counseling office with three close friends. We sip on piping hot coconut coffee from the local bakery, we share about the ups and downs of our lives, and we pray. It’s become an incredibly meaningful space for me. I’m one of those people who like to … Continue reading The Power of Presence & a Genuinely Curious Heart

The Courage To Call

I dialed the counselor’s phone number into my iPhone. I distinctly remember my thumb hovering over that little green call button. Shaking. For about twelve minutes. Or maybe it was only seven. I don’t know. I knew I needed help. The anxiety. The pornography. The panic. But to ask for help, for whatever reason, was, … Continue reading The Courage To Call


Two years ago I had the brilliant idea of trying to run three marathons in one year. Off the bat, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “There’s nothing brilliant about that idea.” You are completely right. It was actually a pretty stupid idea, but at the time it sounded like a fun challenge. With the help … Continue reading Numb.